The Wild Geese in the North East Wind

The story begins in Cuba when Julian Hamilton, a retired writer, is confronted with his daughter whose existence he never knew of. Although unaware, this is Julian's final day of a life that began with the same dilemma he experienced as a young student at Princeton; a conflict between his artistic beliefs and sense of responsibility toward emotional and family life. 

After Princeton, Julian reluctantly enters the life of a married man whilst living in Europe. He soon finds that following life's normal format impairs the necessary dedication needed for him to evolve as a writer. Terrified and unhappy, he leaves his wife to follow another romantic dream and love at first sight, Rebecca.

Riding on renewed inspiration, the two go travelling on an ancient Triumph motorbike heading towards Morocco with no sense of responsibility. With a relationship built on sand, events unfold which fracture their passionate relationship Julian chooses his art over love: something he lives to regret.

The book is analogous to the danger that Canadian geese encounter when, having summered in the north, they must fly south based on instinct to avoid the blasts of freezing air from the north east wind.  It is an existential exploration of the strangulation an artist feels when their emotional responsibility takes precedence over their belief in their art. 'Wild Geese' will speak to covert talents everywhere who sacrificed their potential because of societal expectation.

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