One world, one justice, one parliament...but only one race of human beings

This week’s election debacle has effected many changes in the general public’s overall perspective of politics. Why is the UK and other countries suspended in the political environment of the early 20th Century?  The world is a planet inhabited by one race with varying degrees of development, race and colour. However, it is time that we look forward to the future as a combined civilised people fused by a homogenous political mentality as opposed to the prejudiced subjectivity of individual groups of bigoted people who see the answers through their restricted wisdom and often lack respect of the diverse qualities of different races and religions.

       In July 1998, after much debate, the International Criminal Court was born. Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations (1997- 2006) described the event as “a giant step towards universal human rights.” Yes indeed, a step, but nine years later, at what point have we progressed to, or have the nations of the world taken retrograde steps and returned to past perspectives? The United Nations and the World Federalist Movement, purportedly fly the flag of global idealism, but today, in 2017, one has to ask, “do their banners have significance or are they simply fluttering in soft breezes which have exoteric interpretations for something that requires mature esotericism: Advanced statesmanship, which few political egos, in charge of our fragile world, are able to conform with.

     The United Nations is the only global forum that many national populaces are aware of although several nations have refused to pay their dues. Because of this, it has been fiscally delicate and approaching bankruptcy. In July 1998, the USA owed 2.4 billion dollars which wasn’t exactly an endorsement of the concept of world peace. Since then, things have improved although there is an ongoing dispute as to how much the USA remains in debt. President Clinton claimed that the American debt should be reduced because of the credit value of military activities provided to the UN. Unfortunately, when debts are so large, those who owe and are in dispute are practicably untouchable. Such arguments are permanently put on the long finger for future consideration. Private individuals can be taken to court for their debts but it isn’t the way forward for a nation where non-payment of dues cannot be resolved by sending the bailiffs round for collection of goods in lieu of the debt. I doubt that any cash strapped nation would agree to handing over a couple of fighter jets or god forbid, the President’s desk in the Oval office to a ruthless Bailiff.  

     Let us imagine the world uniting politically as one race and monitored by the specious concept of “Liberté, égalité, fraternité as the idealistic motto by which political idealism should comply with. Its concept expresses the same impossible paradox  promulgated by early communism in its nascent formation. It didn’t work with the French as they guillotined the heads of those who weren’t approved of by the takeover mob and it didn’t work after the Russian revolution or other 20th century political activities that spuriously claimed democratic idealism, and it certainly hasn’t been implemented by many nations, regardless of   numerous conferences, conventions, debates, congressional symposiums or whatever the UN and similar organisationsare giving tongue to from the safety of protected environments and secure offices.

     The Syrian disaster is the latest error of judgement and the lack of positive action taken by the United Nations in a world of modern technology is simply not  acceptable. Before the advent of the internet, it was easy to not acknowledge the reality of such disasters until they were often in their closing stages and as such it was conveniently too late to interfere. One such event was the United Nation’s passive  monitoring of the Balkans war massacres (1991- 1999) when thousands of men and boys were assassinated. For whatever reason the UN soldiers, actually present, ignored what was happening. Then there was the Rwanda massacre (800,000 in 100 days) ) of the monstrous genocide  of the Tutsis by the Hutus in Africa, basically ignored by the civilized west although they had the excuse ofthe Nelson’s eye dissimulation of only seeing the reality after the massacre had been completed. Seeing that it was Africa where UN officials were constantly present, I find it hard to believe that the United Nations were not properly aware of what was going on. A big problem is that no one wants to do or say anything that might induce the parties of a political dispute to declare war against the political do gooders.

      For what it is worth, the Syrian disaster has been known and monitored by the UN and the whole world since it began in 2011. After the spurious activity during the Iraq war, perpetrated by Blair and Bush, the west has had serious misgivings about repeating a similar mistake. Consequently, the Americans and the English ( the two main perpetrators ) have only condemned Syrian’s inhuman activities from the safe seats of Congress and Parliament, although it is beginning to looks as though Trump is making a valid attempt to improve the situation. During the latter part of the 20th century and the present century, Britain has been reluctant to vote differently from the USA although there have been some serious misgivings for both countries when one didn’t support the other

      Both the west and countries further afield have known numerous acts of inhuman blood spilling. The British troops and the unnecessary bloody Sunday in Londonderry; America’s Khartoum Tomahawk missile attack; China giving support to Pol Pot; India with Kashmir; the Shrilankan civil war  between the Sinhalese and the Tamils who massacred each other in the name of quasi-religious and national idealism.  There have also been numerous bellicose killing activities in the Middle East countries and many political philosophers share the opinion that most late 19th and early 20th century blood baths were fed and triggered by the rule of the European Colonial Powers. This is an interpretation that is difficult to disagree with. Not so long ago, between 1861 and 1865, the southern states of America fought against the northern States of America with a total of seven hundred thousand deaths which exceeds the combined total of American soldiers killed in the first and second world war!! No wonder the world is in such a mess and the concept of world government is, at present, science fiction. It takes centuries for individual nations to evolve and although things are more advance than they were a hundred years ago, there isstill a long arduous path along which every country must follow if world government and world peace is to be achieved as an efficacious reality dream. The tragedy is that although the people want it,  arrogant politicians contend that they  also want it, a claim that has the quality of mendacity that is a form ofblindness. Notwithstanding,  they take umbrage to the activities of opposing nations and stoke up the flames of nationalism before sending out armies to fight which basically expresses the political egotism of their leaders. And yet, it is so simple; everyone is a member of the human race living on a delicately balanced, over populated world that is giving out indications that we could be heading towards a final solution even though there isn’t  any need of the resultant global massacres. Lemmings commit suicide by jumping over a cliff but please, humans aren’t lemmings, even if some act like them.  

     So here we are in the sixth year of Syrian reality with Kim Jong-of North Korea threatening to take on Japan, America and China with missiles loaded with atomic warheads heading towards his paranoiacally recognised enemies with some very serious weapons of mass destruction. Possibly, he sees himself as a world leader of the “James Bond” adversary type but at least we know what to expect because he does have the weapons, unlike Sadam Hussein who didn’t. We also know that Syria has / had them regardless of the protestations of the Russians. Who can we believe ? I am reminded of the Dutch air-liner flying at 30, 000 feet and shot down by mystery soldiers, when the Russians were reclaiming sections of Crimea. Mendacity seems to be a favourite interpretation of the democratic truth. Thankfully, the president of Syria is a democratic believer; he must be because for several years he was an NHS doctor in a London hospital and presumably he took the Hippocratic oath! Recently, Afghanistan is back in the news with the Taliban monitoring everything they disapprove of with their 18thcentury mentality.  The Afghanistan death total of the allies reached 3,407.  The Americans had 2271 and the British 453. Considering they were helping to get the country back to the civilised democracy they never had, what a terrible waste of lives. With the Taliban overpowering the present government set up by the allies, they have banned female education, ordered how they must dress and imprison or flog the public for various banned activities such as listening to banned radio programs and watching films that are not on the Taliban approved list !  What a world we live in.  

      Sir Peter Ustinov, the president of the World Federalist Movement in the late nineteen nineties made the observation that “ World government is not only possible but inevitable, and when it comes, it will appeal to patriotism in its truest, in its only sense, the patriotism of men who love the national heritage so deeply that they wish to preserve them in safety for the common good.” He meant well but a more  significant comment was summed up by the late Robin Cook who said, “Those who murder one person are more likely to be broughtto justice than those who plot genocide against millions.”      Albert Einstein said, “Man’s desire for peace can be realised only by the creation of a world government,” He also made the relevant comment “ that peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”  The great Anglo Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, who was destroyed by the wisdom of the 19th century British establishment stated,  “ A map of the world that does not contain Utopia is not even worth glancing at.” The terrible truth is that in 2017 the world is firmly established in a state of  twenty first centurydestructive dystopia with  no-one on the horizon capable of rectifying such deeply embedded faults of the human race; tragically, the world and its inhabitants must travel a long distance before we can expect any positive achievement; even more tragic is that it is going to be a very very long wait.                     

CopyrightDorian van Braam.  June 2017